Perimeter Sewing Machine

Engineered Solutions

MJ Foley Co. Perimeter Sew Station

General Information

Adjustable sewing diameters capability, prox 580mm - 750mm seam diameter range, adjustment via manually operated linear slide assembly with crank handle, position locking, and digital position indicator.

Driven lower disc assembly feed rate controlled by step motor driven rotary actuator

JUKI MH380 sewing machine head

Free rotation upper disc assembly with vertical lift for ease of loading

1 set, upper and lower disc assemblies, center locating hub, and panels orientation guides, are included, as per seam diameter requested at time of order

220 volt, 3 Phase workstation

Fully automatic sewing cycle, max speed prox 2800 spm

Thread cutting at cycle end is manual thread cutting, no auto thread cutting mechanism is provided.

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